What can I get,if I cost $173.98 for 7″ headrest/desktop TFT LCD monitor with touch screen for pc in Globeoffer.

1.A Headrest Car Monitor
For this kind of monitor, in Globeoffer we will give you a present of headrest bag, with it, you can keep the passenger behind quiet.
2.A dashboard Car Monitor
There is a bracket with it,you can put the monitor on the dashboard, for backing up your car, just need to have a rearview camera, the auto switch function: from the player to camera made you safe in driving the car and happy in watching movie.
3.A PC Monitor
With the VGA input, you can bring it home used for your computer or you have yourself a system that is capable of in-car office.
4.A Car Monitor for GPS Display
The RGB input let it have an ability of navigation display only need to be connect to a GPS system for navigation in your car.
5.No need of Mouse or Touch Pad any more
Featuring the ability of touch screen, you can use your fingers instead of a mouse for input., no mouse required, just put it and touch pad into ash can.
6.Ideal inch for moving
The size of 7 inch, make it more portable from car to home, you have yourself a system that is capable of GPS navigation, in-car theater, and in-car office.
7.Unbeatable Price and One Year Warranty in Globeoffer
Unbeatable price wholesale Electronics at Globeoffer.com online, As all the items in Globeoffer.com are directly purchased from local factories in China, you would surprise to find such popular, hot devices just sold at such low prices.

More features about it:
-Not only dose it display computer video, but with built in AV inputs, you can also display video from DVD players, VCRs and other devices.
-AV Chromatic System: NTSC/PAL/SECOM (auto switch)
-Built-in amplifier
-Built-in speaker/amplifier and earphone jack
-PC operation system: Windows XP, CE/UNIX, ME and 2000
-Digital with high resolution TFT-LCD (Samsung brand)
-Physical Resolution: 800*600 RGB
-Supported Resolution: 1024*768

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